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Here you will find a comprehensive guide to all the plates recently sold through VIcHeritagePlates. The price and description will be displayed where authorisation from both buyer and seller have been confirmed.

Prices will only ever be disclosed on by the mutual consent of both the buyer and seller of the Vic Heritage Number Plate.

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What a sensational result for all parties involved in the sale of Victorian Heritage Number Plate, Vic “97”. It’s great when everything runs smoothly & both clients are true to their word. 2 Digit Heritage Plates rarely become available & when they do, they sell! A record sale price achieved for an Australian Heritage / Numeric number plate sold by a Number Plate Broker…..Scott Thomson & Vic Heritage More Heritage Plates are wanted by our clients……particular single, 2 & 3 Digit Plates.


We are proud to announce the sale of Heritage Number Plate, Vic “215”. A great looking plate that will no doubt suit this owners car beautifully. Be sure to check out our current plates for sale by clicking here.


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